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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
In 2008 unlimited anonymous bribes were not allowed. Candidates had to appeal to a larger more diverse group for funding. Mr. Adelson is highly motivated due to the criminal investigations and now has the means via unlimited bribes he can now make.

The Democrats tried to at least have the unlimited anonymous bribers made public, but Republicans defeated the bill.

You asked for allegations of prostitution, so I gave it to you, stop complaining, you could be accused of whining. We'll have to wait for the lawsuit and criminal investigation of Mr. Adelson to determine the merits.
It's one allegation from one jilted employee. The fact that you think it is credible at all is ridiculous. If you fire someone and he claims you are a child molester does that make it true?

The fact remains the Democrats are trying to do the exact same thing the Republicans are doing. The Democrats are failing at it. The same people who opened their wallets in 2008 are no longer doing so. Your explanation for the Democrats unwillingness to back their candidate is what? When you fail at something and then demonize those who succeed at it, what do you call it besides whining?

Originally Posted by ElasticNinja View Post
Perhaps Im wrong, but I dont think it was possible for say, the Koch bros to contribute so much funding last election.
That may well be true. Nevertheless the problem with Democrat fundraising isn't that Republicans are giving more than in 2008. Democrats are giving less. Donors who gave in 2008 just aren't giving this year at all or are giving much less than before. I linked the articles above. There are donors who gave over a million dollars last year and so far have given nothing at all. Democrats, for whatever reason, just aren't motivating their base.
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