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Originally Posted by FiveAces View Post
So... I have a question for any of you.
How are you gonna actually use that 64GB storage? I'm assuming just pictures and/or video and maybe music storage?

Reason I ask (I'm definately not an expert, but have been looking into this for a while) ... according to all I found out so far, apps and their data can only be moved to the phones' internal storage card. But other than pics and videos, unless you move everything else manually it will all be stored on this "internal" phone storage and not the 64gb external card (as in your case). I've been told this is an I.C.S. issue. Unless anyone has something more to explain, I'm curious if that's how you actually plan to use it.

I have a 16gb card on mine and I used about 8gb for music (that I manually loaded) and the rest is free for pictures. I can't make anything else go there automatically unless I manually put it there.
This is a far cry from how it worked with my old Motorola Droid & Froyo!

Pictures and Music mostly for me.
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