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Honestly, this thread amuses me the most because of how everything has come full circle. Just four years ago Obama raised twice as much money as McCain did. The Republicans pitched a huge fit and raised holy hell claiming that they should be able to use as much of their money as they wanted to back their candidate. After all, it was their money right? Democrats said nothing and painted the Republicans as whiny losers while Obama raked in the dough.

Now, it's four years later. The law has changed and wealthy Republicans are doing what they griped about not being able to do and giving liberally to their man. This time around it's the Democrats who can't fundraise. The donors who gave so much to Obama last time around are no longer interested. So now it's the Democrats complaining about how the Republicans raise money. Last time around it was vice versa. You can bet that four years from now, some party will be complaining about how "unfair" it is that the other party can raise more money than they can.
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