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Originally Posted by trav06 View Post
I remember that. With other phones though, usually after the first leak something more stable follows shortly behind, if not an official release. In our case, we're back in limbo.
I remember when the HTC Incredible 2 was getting GB.
The source would "leak" a build and the devs would hack it, then the source would patch the build, then the devs would re hack it and the source would re patch.

The Spectrum is not as popular as the DInc 2 at this point, even though we have a dedicated group of devs here, the problem is with LG and the little dictatorship that they call a forum.

The Fathom was a learning curve that I have come to accept.
The BOGO deal I got with the Spectrum was too good to pass up.
We just might see ICS before everybody else is getting JB.

I still think that VomitRizen is just so blinded with greed that they want to suppress the update so they can sell more equipment.


Maybe some day we could run puppy linux on our Spectrum...
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