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Default Let me get this straight

First ima Noob.
I rooted with Odin(Fairly sure if this)

I haven't flashed a phone before so if I do, do i really want any updates from VZW if they come out? (Since I'm using a 'better' version of the OS it seems like I won't need to worry about VZW.)

If yes, I will need to flash back to stock before installing VZW update, right?

How do I keep the VZW update from updating?

If I don't want to flash a custom ROM but just remove some bloat wear, where do I read about just doing that?

Can someone refer me to where to read about saving a file for recovery? I have titanium back up but i don't understand where the files are? And I always have a 'didnt back up completely' message in the morning as the schedule is set for 2am.

Uuugh, so much to learn but I'm searching, reading, and watching YouTube vids as I don't want you guys to link me to that noob video I once saw.
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