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I have to disagree. Honeycomb (Android 3.0) was the OS made for tablets.
ICS was made for tablets and phones equally as a next generation OS for Android for better performance and more features and a complete redesign of the OS itself. And I wouldn't say that ICS is old, considering that only about 10% of Android devices have ICS.

But yes I will agree with you on "Jelly Bean is where the magic happens" performance wise. Visually they don't look much different. Haven't tried it myself yet but I find myself drooling (not literally lol) over youtube videos just seeing the performance difference between ICS and JB.
Oops, I meant Honeycomb. I've been messing with Android since the beginning(still have my G1 too!). At this point I have trouble keeping up with names. ICS was made as a bridge from old code(2.x) to new code(3.0+) but ICS still has/had a lot of little issues on phones. That's why 4.1 got pushed out as quickly as it did. JB is what ICS should have been. They took an odd route and made a tablet OS in 3.0 and then later merged it with the phone OS instead of one project and they are just now getting it right and polishing it.

I have JB on my tablet and it really is about 20-30% faster than it was on ICS. I love it.
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