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Originally Posted by pantlesspenguin View Post
I don't think some people are understanding the issue here. It's not that they can't get screenshots to work, it's that they're working when they're not supposed to! Say I'm browsing my photo gallery. When I'm done I hit the "home" button to go back home. I'm not pressing power at all, but instead of taking me home it takes a screenshot. I try it again, get another screenshot. I have to get out of the app by pressing "back" instead of home.
I HAD the same problem. In MY case the issue was a poorly fit case. The case was putting pressure on the power button causing it to stick. Once I took the Amaze out of the case, it functioned perfectly.

So I suggest, testing the phone outside of any protective case. If this does not solve the problem -- then I have no answer for you. Perhaps the button is sticky? Of course if you are case-less, again I have no clue.

If you are using the phone without a protective device, then my solution would not appy ... it would seem to be a more serious issue.
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