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Originally Posted by dwbrewer View Post
Are you using the cable and charger that came with the Droid 4? My wife had the same issue b4 the update (charge to only 50%). We were using any cable that was plugged in where we charge our phone. Once she started using the Motorola cable and charger, it would charge to 100%.
Yeah I am. I also tried charging with the charger that came with my Nexus 7. It charges to 100% no problem. It's just it won't stay charged long.

I called Verizon before. They said the following are known issues on the Droid 4 since ICS.

1. Battery life is reduced. He told me that I'm the 10th person this morning that called about excessive battery drain.
2. Texting sometimes works/sometimes doesn't - They are looking into this issue atm.
3. Email works or doesn't - another issue they're looking into.
4. Phone will ring sometimes, not others. A person calls you, they get 4 rings and then your voicemail yet your phone doesn't ring - They said the reason for this is a bug during the software upgrade that remains in the background constantly. The guy told me that he had 3 people do a hard reset on their phones and it seemed to clear this us. I tried this and it helped me out as well.
5. LTE/3G switches back and forth eventhough you have a good 4G signal. He walked me through going to the network settings and locking the device to LTE/CDMA. (Menu-->System Settings-->More...-->Mobile Networks-->Network Mode-->LTE/CDMA (it's set for Global by default).
6. Poor reception - again another issue that they're looking into.

The guy told me that they are going to warranty my phone if it continues to have issues even though my phone is out of warranty. They are honouring this because of the issues that I am having.

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