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Originally Posted by OutofDate1980 View Post
Amazing, there's a mind reader among us. Here I've been wasting resources developing fMRI. Texas Executed Offenders

The issue is the divine right of the rich doesn't work, think of most of the human race history with royalty.
Divine right refers to God and his 'chosen' leadership of a country. As they say you are entitled to your own opinion but not facts. Wealth is economically derived with no connection to whatever to God. Ironically you are arguing God is responsible for choosing who is wealthy. The issue you are claiming doesn't work because it doesn't exist.

Humans are just that and we can be vicious and given unchecked power, Mans inhumanity to Man has no bounds. That's why government, by the govern is important as an evolving institution.

What we are going though is the same as the American Civil War, the south had an economic base of agriculture, i.e. rent (Capital/Labor intense). The north had an economic base of manufacturing, i.e. labor (Labor/Capital intense).

Today the Republicans have an economic base of resource extraction, i.e. fossil fuels, finance (Capital/Labor intense), which is why people were defined as property, with no right of compensation for labor. The Democrats have an economic base with technology, information (Labor/Capital intense) which is why people were defined as free agents to determine their own compensation for labor. Both sides were wrong due to asymmetrical choice options.
'Today.....Republicans have base of capital and labor....people defined as right for compensation for labor.'

This is where I stopped reading. Makes no sense.
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