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There's more to it than that.
Take the Canon line of Point & Shoot cameras. Look at the specs of Canon pocket P&S cameras on
Then look up CHDK, and be amazed.
Like our Droids, though exponentially more so, these seemingly simple cameras (most of them) can be ported and programmed to do ten times more than what they are sold as.
This can only beg the question, "Why" for about one second.
Crippling products goes hand in hand with planned obsolescion and the metering of technology in consumer devices. It's very simply, a marketing strategy. By making products that fit consumers' needs just enough, they can ensure that consumers will need to upgrade at a steady rate, and the industry won't die any time soon.
Another example, -Prime, in fact; If Intel and Microsoft weren't such good bedfellows, there would be less money to be made. Do any of you who are not avid gamers really believe that your present computer is too slow for your needs?
As Microsoft bloats their OSes, it creates a need for faster CPUs. Take a look at the latest Microsoft OS and see if you can find enough about it that is better than their last OS that can justify a whole new machine to handle it. This is a planned obsolescence. Otherwise who would need a new laptop in two or three years? (Obviously the excludes hardcore gamers and graphic designers, of course.)
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