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Default Sprint store fixed the random rebooting issue.

Hi folks,

My wife had a year old EVO 3D and the outside bevel was falling off. She took it into a sprint store while out of town and the guy there ripped the whole outside bezel all the way off by mistake and said, "Here, we'll just give you a new one, free of charge." He ended up giving her a refurbished 3VO with ICS already updated on it and it started rebooting about 6 times a day. I told her to take it back to our local sprint store and have them give you another one.
My wife says this is what happened: The fella there said, "Oh the guy at the other store must not have tried...(something, my wife has no idea what he meant)" And he took her phone and started playing around with the settings on the menu and said, "...there, that should fix it."
It's been two days now and the phone hasn't rebooted once.
Huh? What could the guy possibly have adjusted software-wise to fix a rebooting phone?
If anyone knows, I know you folks do.

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