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Copied from another thread.

I have absolutely no idea why... Well, actually I kind of have a slight clue as to why, but my battery has been DYING EXTREMELY FAST. Like, before I could easily get a day of 12 hours with heavy use (4.5 - 5 hours screen time at variable brightness). However recently I download an app via the net; it was a keyboard app from this website... Install Stock Android 4.0 Keyboard on Galaxy S3, Should Work with Other Devices as Well
Anyway I'm not 100% sure that this non-market app download is the culprit. Here are some stats from today:

This is by no means normal use for me and to be completely honest I was being modest in my use meaning 0% screen brightness. The screen on time at that point was 2 hours and 40 minutes. Hm. Not usual.

Later on in the day at 2:29 PM the phone was down to 18% and I had literally had it on standby for a long period up to that point. I did some LIGHT, like feather-weight, 4G surfing on 100% brightness but I was outside so sue me. I had 4G/Wi-Fi/GPS off for the duration of the time I wasn't using the phone so those couldn't be the culprits. Anyway, I'm really disappointed as to my amateur decision to download a non-market app but then again I'm not entirely sure if that is even the problem. Could someone help please??

Btw, I'm coming from a Droid Razr Maxx so saying that this phone had good battery is really saying something! - I'm saying it!

Hope someone can help me out...

Edit: I have come to my wit's end about this issue so I am actually going to perform a hard reset (because the other two factory resets didn't do SQUAT.) Ok I'll keep y'all posted. Still need help though, lol,

Edit 2: oh and before I forget I do NOT have "Sync Picassa Web Albums" checked on sync settings (since I know that has been a known issue). At this point I'm also formatting my SD card because I understand that there could be a "corrupt file" or something on it...
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