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Originally Posted by cds84 View Post
Thanks for the reply root brain.

This device is not yet rooted.
Surely is I had the 8 gig model then free space would be < gig... unless there is some compression at the filesystem layer ( but I don't think ext4 supports compression)

I do have a terminal emulator installed, cat /proc/partitions shows /dev/Mmcblk0 to be 15267840 blocks. If that's 512 byte blocks, then that's only around 8 gig. I'm hoping they are 1k blocks... I'd rather not root the device, just in case I need to return it.

Could anyone with a 16 gig model post the output from mount and cat /process/partitions please ?

You're right I didn't pay attention to the settings/storage comment you made, sorry.

I also show 13.24GB total, so you have the 16GB. I'm using 2GB for apps, 2GB for audio, 833mb for pics/vids and have 5.8GB left. However, using a custom kernal and init.d for some custom tweaks which include a 1GB swap partion (equal to memory) for performance.

Curious, unless you got bad memory and it's not recognized.

If you feel like starting over, try doing factory reset and starting from scratch to see if it builds everything and you can recover it. Or look for some disk tools in the market, but I think you'd need root to get to the nitty gritty. Don't know what else to try.
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