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Thanks britbloke, I found your little guide easier to follow than other threads out there. This guide works for XP well enough.

Bye bye "Moxier" Mail, Linkbook and MySpace. I think it is totally ridiculous that Rogers would not allow the owner of this phone the option to uninstall this useless software. I have better things to hog my limited RAM with, like EasyTether for example (which works great on the EVE, BTW).

I want the 1.6 update (should it ever appear) but then I will have to go in and root out whatever crappy software they decided to burden me with again. I definitely want the fabled firmware update that supposedly fixes the space bar/texting issue and throttles down the home keys.

If anyone successfully roots out Telenav please post the code in this thread, I'm afraid I'm not intuitive enough, and a total noob to rooting to figure it out on my own.

I'm a fan of this little phone, but Rogers and LG seemingly decided to use Canada as a test market, and don't seem to care very much whether their customers are pleased with a) the unremovable software and b) a rapidly aging OS. Android 1.5 works, but clogging the RAM and slowing the processor with unnecessary software is pretty hard to forgive. This will have a major influence on my next phone and carrier purchase. Right now, I can't see sticking with Rogers, as they seem to be the major roadblock to a really enjoyable phone.
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