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Originally Posted by olbriar View Post

Oddly enough, I had one of these hanging in the kitchen as a child. No.. I'm old but not that old. My father loved antiques and wired one of his purchases into the bell system. You could not make a call on it but you could answer a call.
Our real phone looked very similar to this model and it set on a shelf in the hall. You had to stand there to talk.
I'm not that old either but I remember having a phone like that, you had a cord holding you stationary???

Originally Posted by McBuzz View Post
I remember when I used to have 10-15 friends tops and we'd do stuff outside I have 500 on Facebook and indoors mostly... yep the future sure is friendly. Human interaction > fb anytime. I guess people forgot how to talk to each other.
Do you know 500 people? I have around 50 Facebook friends. If I don't know you in real life, more than a few minute interaction, you don't get added to my friends.
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