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Personally I think this is the general android site, it's good to come here & shoot the breeze. Most of us have seen other android sites on our journeys round the web. There's the dev sites, the amateur fanboy device specific sites, sites that are just plain dead or full of spam! This one does a good job of finding the middle road, & if anyone knows answers they might give.

It's true what you're saying about people needing answers, but I don't think it's the fault of the sites (as there are many, with varying degrees of info) - not everyone is a 'phone enthusiast' & they will probably sign up as a last resort due to a problem they've encountered & demand a quick answer! Some people are too stupid / lazy / arrogant to read the manual, or at least use the thuckin search engine or google. Makes me laugh, we have google phones, & often if we use google, we'd probably get results for this site!

It's a bit like fuzzy logic, asking the public on a public forum who have a general idea, but may not be 100% right all the time. That's why it's good to read around, & if the advice matches up from different sources then you know it's probably right.

Some google results will point you to devs pages. This info gets around to other sites. People need to chill & be a little more patient. There's also this small matter of timezones .
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