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Default change from my HTC EVO to HTC 4G LTE

I'm still using my HTC EVO 2 years and some months after getting it. I'd love to get an HTC EVO LTE and I have waited to see how users are doing with the nonchangeable battery. I put an extended battery into my EVO.
Costco has a pretty decent price right now (129.95, waives the new device activation fee) but I don't know how to move my data from the old phone to the new one! By data, I'd want to move contacts, pictures, texts and apps. Is this possible?
I have Lookout Premium and have emailed them to ask if I could restore to the new phone from the data they've backed up. Has anyone done this?
Will Sprint transfer data if I don't buy the phone from them? When data is transferred, do my apps get transferred as well or do I have to just load new ones from Play store myself?
I haven't rooted this phone and won't root the next one because I don't know how and I'm afraid I'll break it.

I apologize for all of the questions. I am hoping someone else has already switched and can tell me how it was done.

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