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Default Is it supposed to be this unstable?

Err hi. First time poster. Many times reader.

I recently bought an Asus Transformer Infinity as a study device, writing notes, reading pdfs, all that jazz.

It works as it should (although I can't seem to find a satisfactory office suite. But that's a problem for another time) most of the time. But then it may, without any warning do one of these things:

1. It may simply crash to desktop. This happens a lot while playing games such as Uplink or Babel Rising. This happens very suddenly but may be preceded by a freeze or a white screen. Often this is just a CTD and I may continue as I did but some times...

2. When using any program (such as the aforementioned games or my twitter client Plume) the screen may go blank and stop responding to any input. The only thing that works here is a hard reset. This is extremely worrying as I am afraid of losing important study notes, and because I have no reason to expect these crashes.

3. Another problem is that my home screen some times, especially when scrolling between screens, go completely blank. This does not mean the same as number 2 problem though, because I can still return to other programs and even open Google search and the app drawer by touching their respective corners. Although this is not as debilitating as the other 2 problems it is nonetheless unfixable unless I restart the device. At least to my knowledge. The widgets and shortcuts on the screen never reappears.

Am I unlucky and have I gotten a faulty device? Should I return it for another or is there some kind of miracle fix for any or all of these problems? I really don't want to return this wonderful machine but I still don't feel safe leaving important documents or a device that could "collapse" at any time.

I have been researching my problem quite I bit but I haven't found that many who has the same problem as I do so I still pray that it's a lone case. I have found even fewer with the home screen problem (number 3) So there may be a fix for that so I don't have to restart the device every time it happens. Maybe a way to restart that application?

Anyways I hope and hope again you fine people can help me so I don't have to part with my baby and go back to my decade old laptop. My back and me will praise you.

Many regards
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