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Originally Posted by mannydingo View Post
What does that mean? Hi, guys. I'm new and on MetroPCS which I like and will stay on. I'm on guitar player forums, mostly and some older car forum stuff. I've never been on a phone forum as I lose half my salary to child support and can never afford the latest and greatest. Usually I can't even get close.

After getting really close to trading a guitar for a used LG Esteem and just barely getting one for $100 in cash(my max), I have had to settle for a $100 new phone. It looks like The Motion may be it. I wanted the larger screen on the Esteem but it looks like I will have to settle. I really can't afford the one hundred dollars either but my old phone is just getting too buggy.

SammyZ, I'm right below you in Miami. Anything I should know before going into a Metro store and buying this? You can PM me and if you want to talk by phone, either send your number or request mine. Anyone else can chime in. It's just that Sammy is local. Thanks for having me.
Well the motion is $149 at metro stores the rebate is only if you buy two phones. You can get it for $99 at though

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