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Originally Posted by mrtrumpet View Post
my feelings are well known, but I'm not "blowing out the wrong end." Those that have described the tf 201as beta are, IMHO, correct. And, in relation to all the positive comments, I can only wonder who the posters are and/or what their usability environment is like. Have they, for example, worked with their tfp on the road? In a hotel or restaurant?

There are certainly good points to the tfp. But it is vastly inferior to state-of-the-art competitive products when it comes to wifi. This includes phones, laptops, and other tablets I have used. Not all, but most. I find tablets in general to be slower on wifi speeds. But, what is the point of any mobile device if wifi speeds and connectivity are not competitive to other devices?

Im hoping sammy or moto are building the definitive Android tablet as we speak. It's time for Android to get a competitive as-flawless-as-possible 10.1" tablet into the market.
I bought it for the purpose of using it while traveling. My wifi isn't perfect, but I haven't had any of the major issues with it that others report.
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