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Originally Posted by DonB View Post
K, she seems to be set on the Fire, ans she has checked the Amazon for her books and they seem to have many. I will have her try one for a week or so and then she can get a better feel.
I would definitely recommend one of the e-ink readers, such as the kindle touch. It is supposed to be for reading for long periods, and it reduces glare from screen reflections, and is less tiring on the eyes. You say she seems set on the Fire, but will a week be enough for her to realize the difference? She will probably think it is great but not know how much better the e-ink kindle would have been.

Ideally if you could take both kindles away for a week she would be able to know which one she prefers to read - and I would bet my money on the e-ink model.

I say if she wants a tablet, get her a tablet. No point in calling it a kindle if it's not e-ink - may as well get any tablet (Nexus 7?).

If she wants an e-reader for extended periods of reading, get an e-ink kindle.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. You can read the e-ink models in direct sunlight. They even benefit from it! How does the Fire compare to that?
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