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Morning all

So I did the same again last night, fully charged by battery, then unplugged it and left it all night without touching it. In a 10 hour period it drained from 100% to 33%, so a 6.7% drop per hour without being used at all.

Here is the screen shot, showing that there was no screen usage what so ever.

As previously said, I used cpuspy and betterbatterystats this time to hopefully find a culprit for the excessive standby drain. I took lots of screenshots of all the information, but I'm not quite sure which section of betterbatterystats is relevant, so I will post up those that I think are, but if anyone needs another section of batterystats to analyse then please let me know.

Section: Other. (Seems from the 10 hour period it was awake for 9 hours 50 minutes and only in deep sleep for 10 mins.)

Kernel Wakelock: (I seem to have accidentally scrolled down the screen slightly and cut off the heading to the top stat whilst taking the screenshot, this heading was called "suspend_backoff"

Partial Wakelock: K9 mail seems to be causing most partial wakelocks, I only have three email addresses though so not sure what the reason would be for this, perhaps to do with settings? Wouls this be draining the battery to the excess of 6.7% per hour?

The sections called 'Alarms' and 'Network' showed nothing.

CPU States:

Process: Again, large amount used by K9 mail

So there it is, the finger seems to be pointing to K9 mail, although I just dont no if it would cause a 6.7% per hour drain? Im also not sure what the difference is between the blue and red bars.
If any of the experienced members on this site are able to look over the results for me and offer me any help and advice as to if/whether any of the above information would be causing the excessive standby drain I would be very very grateful.

Many thanks, John
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