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Man, I don't even know how Verizon contracts work anymore - it used to be early upgrade every year like clockwork for me, but now NE2 is gone and the structures are all changed, etc etc etc, not to mention the fact that even grandfathered unlimited is getting the big ugly axe, and you're force migrated to the tiered data when you try to renew your contract. I don't even know if I want to change phones ever again!

You do raise a great point though, geek - it's definitely a testament to the awesomeness of this product that we're all still happy with it; in fact, I still think it's the best overall phone on the market. The GS3 and One X and a few others might have a few edges on hardware specs, but none have nearly the same developer support and modding communities. Our Nexus is still top dog IMO.

As for whatever comes down the line, I agree that I'm probably a Nexus-only consumer from now on - anything else will just feel too restrictive! I actually do like the idea of having multiple OEMs trying their hand at Nexus devices; since the idea is all about choice, this will mean the most options possible! I'm still interested in the idea of a Motorola Nexus, especially now with Google behind the wheel (as long as they don't try to pull any fast ones on us, like the root checkers).
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