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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post

Our society holds self reliance and contempt of rule as some of its highest virtues.
Is that a good thing though?
Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
A person who believes themself free will have a natural mistrust of anything that questions that freedom
And do you truly believe you are freer than I?

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
We celebrate criminals and we love violence we are only a few generations removed from ancestors who conquered a continent and then saved the world from Tyrany twice.
Germany, the Ottomons, and Austria-Hungary may not have been entirely democratic, but they were far from tyrannical.
Regarding WWII, yes thanks very much.
They didnt have much to conquer from to be fair, I mean guns versus spears? And then said ancestors decided they didnt want to pay tax for protection and wanted to take over Indian land their King had promised they wouldnt.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
To answer your question directly, No, I see that as dangerous on the scale of the Nazi party. 1984!
Its not 1984 when we have a free media and internet, and have the ability to reach any position in society. And it certainly isnt Nazi Germany. Maybe you dont know any people related to Holocaust victims.
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