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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
Ok 1st. The American media try to marginalize any one who questions or has alternate theories. Why? Lots of reasons that have nothing to do with fair or balanced reporting.
Speak up get labled a freak even if you are saying something important and valid.
To be fair though I never read the American media for information about America.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
2nd do you realise how much of your food comes from my country. Our crop yeilds are on the decline and the only way we ever produced enough in the 1st place was by using petrol chemicals. Fact check this, I welcome you to try and debunk. These are not my opinions, they are my opinions derived from proveable fact. We live in a closed loop system and our population is expect to double in less than 100 years while science is letting people live decades longer.
Well, a bit of food I'm sure, although all processing is done here. I mean we are self sufficient in food production. As for petrochemicals, yes, another reason why we must stop burning so much oil.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
As for American vs European cars. I work on cars for a living and loath poping the hood on anything from Europe. There is such a thing as over engineering to the point of stupidity.
Well I'm sure a steam engine would be easier to clean but I really dont care. Efficiency is a priority.
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