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Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
so, you believe that some one else understands our culture and current events better than we do ourselves. I know our media is a mess but Im going to call skipping our perspective on us a logic fail.

look up these figures then do the math.
1. How many acres it takes to support 1 person at your average standard of living.
2. how many acres of farmable land are in the UK
3. the population of the UK including the best guess on illegals.

Total that up and then add 15% of the total to cover waste in manufacturing then an other 10% for post consumer waste (low balling you can look up correct %)
Im making a bet with some prior knowledge that you are not self sufiecent.
Firstly, I do not reside in the UK. My home state is the Republic of Ireland, which is certainly self sufficient in potatoes and dairy. But anyway, I was referring to the Europe when I said "we". Ever since the Common Agricultural Policy we have had food surpluses. Ever heard of the wine lakes and butter mountains? We really ain't gonna starve.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
No one argues that American cars even today used more gpm than European cars. That does not mean anything in a comparison of efficiency. The average American car had a lot more power.
Our standards are lower yes but a driving factor for efficiency has been power not economy. Yes Europe makes Supercars and sport/lux that are built to the standard of aircraft. They are above the reach of the European middle class and have horrible fuel numbers.
Call us wastefull for the average man demanding power, sure I'll give you that.
What Im talking about has nothing to do with that.
When a system becomes more complicated because it must to improve then it is a net gain. Systems that are have unneeded complication suffer a net loss.
Why do you need so much power? You dont. If your cars were good I'd see more of them here.

Originally Posted by PH8AL View Post
Example, change the oil filter in any older mercedes and then change the oil filter on my 76 chevy pickup.
Mercedes you have to take apart this contraption that comes apart into multiple pieces with gasket rings and then have to fish ut an insert. Right on top of the motor so it leaks every where. My truck? When you are underneath pulling the drain plug you grab a hold of the canister filter unscrew it, throw the entire thing in the bin. Pour some oil in the new one, smear some on the oring and screw it on.
I call out Mercedes but most European cars have a lot of quirks like this where simple stuff is way over engineered.

I would also like to point out my daily driver is a 94 Saturn Sl1 with a 5speed and gets much better mileage than a European import. Just put a newly rebuilt engine in it and am enjoying 45mpg in town.
I never even heard of Saturn, had to Google it.
At least Obama is trying to increase fuel efficiency with some new regulations.
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