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Originally Posted by papichulo916 View Post
So let me get this straight. Some of you guys complain about how people with iPhones change phones every time a new comes out, yet, you do as well, y'all just got the connect and now trying to switch over to the Motion?

IMO I like this phone too much to switch to the Motion (in my head, it's a downgrade, not upgrade)
Who's complained about iPhone users changing phones when new ones come out? Not trying to be rude but that would be dumb as shit, what people do with their money is their business.

I didn't try to switch to the motion I did switch. Not only did selling my connect get me the motion for free, but it put an extra $132.50 in my pocket on top of it.

I know a bit about the connect. In fact, some of the mods for the connect here in these forums were from me. That being said, I can assure you the motion is definitely not a downgrade.

Yes, the screen is better on the connect, other than that the motion blows it away in every aspect. Faster/upgraded cpu (s3 vs s4), ICS vs gingerbread, the battery is insanely better (motion can last all day without extended battery/turning off 4g/ having to under clock), the phone doesn't overheat.

I loved my connect. I'm IN love with the motion.

And again.. the connect sub forums have been my stomping grounds for awhile .. can't recall anyone 'complaining' about people buying new iphones. I don't think any of us care enough about what other people use their hard earned money on.
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