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Originally Posted by tenceriker View Post
You are right about that, they just flat out ignore you.
Try again they send my father replacement phones like every 6-8 months because he breaks his phone constantly. No charge, no contract extensions (they used to require an extension) and every so often they even give him credits. I don't know how good or bad the coverage is with T-Mobile these days. But i do know Sprint would not give you a phone without charging you full price even with a contract extension before your upgrade date. And keep in mind my father is a cheap sob so he does not pay for insurance either.

Btw Sprint is not cheaper when you add in recovery fees on top of the taxes that other carriers don't charge. As for LTE it's meaningless to most people as the only thing that counts is how good the coverage is and if you can use your phone when you need it. And for those who care that much about the difference in price they should go prepaid for only $50/month with Boost which is also unlimited for half the price.
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