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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
Tell me tjis is a joke... they actually think they can charge us for a YAHOO account? ... T H A T will be the day...
Actually they can and many do for premium features like using external domains since Yahoo runs the AT&T Mail Plus network. I had to jump though hoops to keep my email from the days of dialup after migrating from DSL to U-Verse. I later created a new sub account it moved me off the legacy servers and over to the new system which blocks the ports needed to use external mail servers. At first my call to support went to India who have zero clue about any of this and pointed me to the Yahoo Plus service. The next day i was able to get someone in a US call center who got me back on the legacy servers again.

Yahoo Mail Plus - AT&T Community Support

For some Gmail is the answer but personally i feel Google knows to much about my life already.
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