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the high cell standby seems to be a misreporting problem with the software which falsely reports excessively high battery usage during standby. try to use betterbatterystats and see which apps are misbehaving and keeping your phone up
Hi, thanks for the reply, have you read the whole of the OP, and the rest of the thread though? I am aware of the false report and I have posted lots of screenshots from BBS.

I went through this with my s3 a few weeks ago, even with Wifi and mobile data turned off I was losing 40% battery at night. Do you have chrome installed? There is a bug in that which drains battery, you can fix it by going to chrome settings/developer options and turning off tilt to scroll. I also used better battery stats and found out that a lot of my Wakelocks in standby were to do with mobile data, something to do with a system that Vodafone doesn't support so the phone is constantly requesting something from the network. Try turning off mobile data and see if that's the problem. Once I fixed chrome and turn off mobile data when the screen is off then I get 3% drain overnight!
Hi scrabbley, thanks for the information. I had read about chrome problems but I dont and have never have chrome installed. My screenshots of BBS seem to point towards K9 but im not sure if it could be something else? I already have tilt to scroll etc and all motion controls and haptic feedback turned off all the time.

Regarding the data, its interesting you say that its something vodafone didn't support, I am on three network so I wonder if that's an issue.

Although I don't want to turn mobile data off to overcome the problem because although turning it off would not be a problem overnight, I am only using the overnight test as an example because its easier to diagnose when the phone is in the same place unused, where I no it has a constant strong signal.
The battery drains every time its in standby mode, including throughout the day so I cant really turn data off it would defeat the object for me of having a smart phone like the GS3.

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