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Yeah, clearly American English is not their native language.

I got a chuckle out of the since 1492 pic. I'm allowed to laugh at that I'm ethnically Native.

DHS should be abolished. It is the instrument that is stripping our freedoms.

My career as a pirate ended due to I.C.E. and their unlawful tactics.
I released education shows and documentaries because the copywrong laws prevented a lot of educational programing does not make it to much of the world. Knowledge should not be constrained for profit. For this I was labelled a criminal, ok fine. When they started labeling us as terrorists well that's it. I have a family that relies on me.
I still wait for a knock at the door because even though I took my files down from where I posted them I had tagged a lot of my releases early on with my name and people have reupped them leaving my tag in to give me credit.

Its time to wake up people. Providing educational material to people who do not have access makes you a Terrorist.
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