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If any SD card you use on the phone is coming up "Damaged", then it might be something with the card slot on the phone. Most likely scenario (and easiest to fix) is that the slot is just dirty. To fix this:

1. Turn off the phone and pull out the battery and SD card.
2. Using a can of air, gently blow out the card slot.
3. Wait at least10-15 minutes, then plug everything back in and turn on the phone.
4. If it still reads the card as damaged, try steps 1-3 again, but wipe out the card slot with rubbing alcohol after the air and before waiting 10- 15 minutes. DO NOT drip or pour the alcohol into the phone as it may create a short somewhere in the phone. You'll want to dampen a cloth or cotton swab or something that's able to fit easily inside the card slot with the alcohol, and then wipe it out (I would suggest something, but nothing comes to mind at the moment).
5. If after all that it still thinks the card is damaged, try what the others suggested and format the card after saving a copy of its contents to your computer. Once that's all done if it still doesn't wanna play nice, then it may be that the SD card slot on your phone is damaged.
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