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Originally Posted by falconey View Post
If T-Moblie is giving phones away every 6 months just because customers break them, that is a pretty poor business model. With that said I'm pretty sure that's not a story that can be replicated by many of their customers. As for taxes, why would Sprint have different tax requirements that other carriers don't have?
It's not a poor business model when you spend about $400 a year on phones to make $1200 back. That's called a revenue expenditure and some companies will spend far more to make much less return. Mobile providers in fact spend more just to get a new customer in the door who might not even stay for the full contract duration. There are often times when a provider will lose money to make it and it's a smart business move to take care of your long term profit bearing customers. It's far better to break even and have greater market share then to have those same customers turning profits for your competitors in fact.

Originally Posted by tenceriker View Post
BTW, we get it, you don't like Sprint. I don't like T-mobile/AT&T yet you don't find me stirring up trouble in their respective forums on Phandroid.
If your family member can't get a new phone it's because they are trying to get a top of the line phone. They will give you a cheap free phone and all you have to do is threaten to walk away from the contract. But if you expect a free GS3 every 6 months or something to that effect then your asking for to much. By giving my father phones it brings in approx $1200 a year in revenue. If you subtract the value of his phones they are still making a worthwhile profit and profit is profit. However this is why most people in America work for other people these days as they have no business sense.

As for stirring trouble in what you apparently think is your forum do consider i was a Sprint customer for many years. That gives me the right to speak about my experience until my dying breath. I highly doubt if a REGIONAL MANAGER of SPRINT had threatened you with physical harm and various employees insulted you it would be no big deal and you would say nothing about it. I probably could have let it all go up until Sprint REFUSED to cancel my service and continued to bill me until AT&T ported my number away.
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