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Originally Posted by Metfanant
ok, well obviously this is the problem phone has been unplugged for 9hrs 13mins...and has been "awake" 8hrs 9mins of that...this is obviously bad...and shows that is likely not any sort of hardware issue with the phone...its software
I agree with you Metfanant that it is most likely the software I would just love to find out what, but I will be the first to admit I do not have the knowledge to find what the issue is that's why I'm asking for help.
I have previously bought phones and just used them, so I no my way around a smartphone but not enough about the in's and out's to be able to diagnose a problem like this so your help is much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Metfanant
now here is the juicy details...

multipdp is simply something pulling data...impossible to pin down exactly what process is causing it...but its def from something pulling/pushing data or syncing...

secril_fd-interface is an issue with fast dormancy...its designed to save battery life, but only if your carrier supports it...

so...who is your carrier?...did you buy they phone directly from them? or did you buy an unlocked version?

suspend_backoff ive seen associated with Google you have Chrome installed? if so there are a couple things to try...
My carrier is 3. (Three UK). Yes I bought my phone direct from them, and it is branded with their logo on startup and locked to their network.

I was aware of a Chrome issue from reading other threads and from my conversation with another member in post #29, but I have not got Chrome installed.

I have looked up multipdp and secril_fd-interface/fast dormancy and found the descriptions you describe, but other than the information on BBS I'm not sure what else I can do to find more detailed information about the specific cause. Without that information I just cant see how I can fix it, I seem to be going around in circles. If what Samsung told me is correct in post #1, I could be waiting months for them to release a fix, then even longer for my carrier to pass it or do whatever they do to it

Have you any ideas on what else I could try?

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