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Originally Posted by Joh P View Post
Hi Sean, yes my phone was like this immediately, I perhaps should have complained to my carrier before the 14day returns thing, but I opted to keep the phone as I really like every other feature and contacted Samsung for help instead.
I have reset it yes and done the test on the phone in a factory state so to speak, and it does still drain excessively.
To me, on my phone, it does seem to be the cell radio that is causing the actual drain, as the only way I can stop it draining is by setting it to flight mode.
I no people say that there is a miscalculation in the cell standby usage stats which is a fair point. But even with my phone restored to factory settings, no apps installed the battery still drains.

Out of interest does yours drain in flight mode?

I haven't tried Airplane mode yet, but I will say that this seems to be a problem that arises only when my phone is off for long periods of time, like 3-5 hours without the screen being on. Initially I thought it may be a wifi issue, so I tried going the evening with wifi completely shut down, same issue. I also tried messing with the settings within wifi, same issue. I'm really thinking its a problem caused by one of these wakelocks, which honestly even though I've owned tons of phones, I'm not to familiar with that side of the tech involving the phone. I'm at the end of my rope because this is a very annoying issue to be dealing with.
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