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Wow! Lots of questions. Bear with me as I hack-n-slash your post to help you get up to speed.

Originally Posted by Satanslave187 View Post
Ok so Im still a bit new but I have TU on boost, rooted but stock rom with 2.3.4. Anyways I was board today and started browsing through stuff with Root Explorer and came across these files!!!!! Can we get WiMax 4g with this phone????
No. While the files necessary to get wimax to work have been loaded, the hardware doesn't exist on the phone. A good analogy would be like having your favorite movie on Blu-ray, but not having anything to play them.

...What are these for???...Also why do I have both sprint and boost privacy files on my phone??? I know sprint owns boost but they are diffrent phones right???
Actually, they're exactly the same phone other than a handful of key files which tell the phone which towers it's running on. It's for this reason that I think what Boost/Sprint did was they created an all-in-one stock rom or install pack, and then just deleted or omitted one set of files or another to tell the phone which network it belonged to. If that's the case, it might also explain the wimax files.

One last thing, I cannot get wireless tether or foxfi to work AT ALL!!!!!! ...
Sorry, can't help you there as I don't use foxfi, myself. Sprint nerfing the tether so you have to be really sneaky or pay for hotspot access is one of the reasons I almost (and probably still will) dropped the Ultra altogether. At the time I switched to Sprint, I had no internet, and not enough cashflow to get it. Since the TU is my first experience with Sprint, it may be that all their phones are that way. But back to your questions, if you do a forum search for foxfi in the "All Things Root" sub-forum, you should be able to find the answers you're looking for.

Hope this helps. Good luck, and may you have an Ultra day!
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