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Yeah the first bit was meant as humor. I got the idea from something you said that you were Welsh. I did not pay attention to your location listed so neatly under your avatar. very few people do that so. Its funny you remind me a lot of some one I know from that area.

The farming business. Until you have traveled acroos the mid west its hard to wrap your brain around it.
We grow more food here than they do any where and its dwindling because of petrochemical fertilizers. The really should scare the hell out of every one globally. Our country having any kind of disruption in food processing or delivery should. While many might not starve to death many more would.
Reagan's watch is when we saw the first Farm Aid benefit and Reagan's policies were one of the leading problems in my opinion.

As far as fuel mileage your preaching to the choir. I haven't owned a car with a V8 in it since the early 90s. I got turned out by an insanely fast turbo honda that would spank my 78 Olds Cutlass and got twice the mileage. Sold the Cutty and bought the little Honda. F/A 4 cyl have been it for me since. Work trucks are a need that can't be helped.
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