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Yet more proof of Romney just telling people what they want to hear:

Factchecker: Romney’s '12 million jobs' promise | The Washington Post

So basically Romney and Ryan are only promising that they'll create the jobs we're already on track to see thanks to Obama's policies. Classy: Obama does the heavy lifting, Romney and Ryan claim all the glory. This ranks right up there with the $780 billion Medicare cut thing.

The article also points out that Romney's so-called pledge "amounts to an average of 250,000 jobs a month, a far cry from the 500,000 jobs a month that Romney claimed in May would be created in a 'normal recovery.'" However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy has come close to or exceeded adding 500,000 jobs in one month only 14 times in the past 65 years - just under 2 percent.

This tells us three things: 1) Romney has no idea what sustainable job growth is supposed to look like; 2) He took the excuse to slam Obama for something that was totally untenable; and 3) His own "plan" (really Obama's plan) wouldn't even live up to the expectations that he listed.
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