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While I do agree with some of what you are both saying it is a discussion on a slippery slope to a circle jerk partisian arguement. So.. back to BillKs take on evolution.

There is a lot to work out about the finer mechanisms of how things accomplish the job but I believe our understanding of genetics suppots evolution as a working Theory not a hypothesis. I believe that his beliefs are to one extreme and do go past what I would call fact.

But in genral I do believe in evolution because I can see what I consider conclusive evidence. My pitbull is case in point. If we can breed for characteristics in such a shrt time with results so succesful that you have nearly created a new subspecies then it is only logical that survival of the fittest would produce evolution of species given time by pure random accident. This paired with my belief that the Earth is infact around 4 billion years old is enough for me to say all life did evolve from common roots though possibly not from an alpha species. The same goo that created 1 single celled organism would have been capable of producing several alpha creatures that then evolved seperately.
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