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Originally Posted by LGismyVISION View Post
Ok I know what many people are going to say , The Motion is the best , The Motion is better and tons awesomer ,

This is what I have to say , I need a phone with atleast a 1 Ghz processor , Half a gigabyte of ram , and less than $170 , the Motion is a great phone but I really need a 3.7 inch screen or bigger for myself , My prefered screen sizes are 3.7,4.8,5.3 inches , But 4 inches is great as well

Now I have some more things to say , The motion is $170 at my local store , plus $15 to switch

The Connect , I will need a USED replacement , for $100 , in 4-7 shipping days which is alot extra time , considering I will buy one of these in THREE (3) (TRES) weeks! and I only have 3 weeks , 1 Day? of service left!

The Coolpad interests me a bit , since it has a 4 inch screen , No Memory basicly (I have a 8gb SD card so I don't care) a 3.2 megapixel camera (Samsung admire vs lg connect camera basicly , no difference ) and it looks tons like touchwiz , and allmost fully stock with a 4G LTE mobile hotspot (PLUS) since it never worked with root on LG connect , Not even when I had Broken Out ROM...

I know some will say , Wait for the connect , or Get the Motion! , or choose what YOU want , I don't know what I want I need some help , Please help me choose , I would like to see people like Shino4757 making reviews of the Coolpad Quattro 4G but he apparently made a video saying "#!@* DAT PHONE!" and only one other people made a cheap review , No camera review and nothing interesting that he put in the video since he was very unprofessional , so if you can make a comparison , I just want a phone better than my old Samsung Exhibit II 4G from Tmobile , That thing was great and I want something a BIT better than it ,

Preferred specs
- 3.7 Inch screen (Or More)
- 1GHz processor (Or More)
- 512 MB of RAM (Or More)
- 4G LTE (Maybe a 3G phone if available and good)
- 4G LTE Hotspot
- 3 Megapixel Camera (Or More , but allmost NEVER use a camera)

A phone good for games , texts , web , and maybe a few calls , Mostly gaming and texting

Games that I use - Dead Space , Need For Speed Shift , Hot Pursuit , Angry Birds Rio , Death Racing , Traffic Control , NBA Jam , ETC

Tell me if those games can run on the Coolpad (I know they run on the Connect/Motion)
Well, I have a connect and a motion. No experience with the Coolpad.

Based on specs alone I can say that you will probably run into issues playing games like dead space on the Quattro. If they will play you will likely get lag and stutter due to the limitations on its cpu and available ram.

The Quattro has zero in its favor vs the connect, and only screen size over the Motion, and that's a marginal difference. Both the connect and the Motion perform well in all of your requirements, and both are head and shoulders above the Quattro in terms of performance.

The real question is whether you should buy a connect or a motion. If the screen is super important to you, you may want to look at the connect.
However, other than the screen, the Motion is better in every way. Faster, cheaper, it doesn't overheat (connect overheats without fail), the battery can last over a day on the stock battery (the connect battery will last about 6-9 hours only with the stock battery, up to 9 IF you keep 4g off). Motion has ics.

I love the connect. I love my motion better. You can spend 100 bucks more for the connect and get a better screen, but a phone with a bad battery, overheating issue and a bit slower. Or, you can spend the same amount and get the Quattro, getting a very slightly larger screen and a slower, old generation technology android with no benefits over either of the other 2 that may or may not play your games well.

Or you can spend the same on the Motion as you would on the Quattro, get a phone better in every way, as well as being 100 cheaper than the connect and just deal with the slightly smaller screen.
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