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Originally Posted by cleanmop3 View Post
As far as welfare of any kind goes, mandatory drug testing would kick out A LOT of the people who are on it without good reason. To get most jobs, you have to submit drug testing, but to get FREE money (paid by those who've submitted to testing and work their asses off to see a lot of their paycheck go to taxes, some of it being for welfare) from the government, you only have to submit financial and/or medical records??
In addition to the rather offensive suggestion that people who receive public aid are drug users, mandatory welfare drug testing violates the Constitution's protection against unwarranted searches - in the few states that have managed to enact laws like this, it's been bitterly and constantly fought.

Example: In Florida, one of the few states that's managed to shove this down its residents' throats, testing costs huge amounts of money and only weeds out roughly 2.5% of welfare applicants. Overall, the state loses money trying to do what you're suggesting, instead of saving.

Florida's welfare drug tests cost more money than state saves, data shows - Politics Wires -
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