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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
In addition to the rather offensive suggestion that people who receive public aid are drug users, mandatory welfare drug testing violates the Constitution's protection against unwarranted searches - in the few states that have managed to enact laws like this, it's been bitterly and constantly fought.

Example: In Florida, one of the few states that's managed to shove this down its residents' throats, testing costs huge amounts of money and only weeds out roughly 2.5% of welfare applicants. Overall, the state loses money trying to do what you're suggesting, instead of saving.

Florida's welfare drug tests cost more money than state saves, data shows - Politics Wires -
I was implying that the ones using it without a good reason are probably using drugs. I've known plenty of drug addicts who are on disability, unemployememt and food stamps.

I find it hilariously unfair that people who actually work must submit to tests, but those who use welfare out of laziness don't have to.

I honestly can't believe that statistic. There are some people who put themselves in the position to stay on welfare for years and even decades. One drug test to weed that parasite out would not be nearly as costly as it would for taxpayers to continue supporting them.

Most military personnel earn at least half their income from the government, and get health care. They all submit to drug testing. I think if you earn money from the government in anyway makes you free game for testing.

If you get in an accident at work, you get drug tested because there was a cause for concern. If someone on welfare has obvious meth mouth, that should be a cause for concern because the working class are inadvertently supporting their addiction.

Sucks that natural selection can't do its job, anymore.
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