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Thank you for the replies , Now I actually can choose between the Motion and Quattro (Nah , LG Connect is kinda dead like flakito said)

Actually "THE W" I had a Samsung Admire with a 800 MHz processor , and a 1600 MAH battery and with battery saver , It lasted weeks on a charge! It was on 3G always!

With LG Connect , The 1.2 dual core and 1540 MAH Battery with battery saver with ONLY 3G on always only lasted a 8-10 hours , that is poor

If the same logic works with the Coolpad , I could most likely get 5+ days out of it , I like games but I do have my tablet

Now Shatterproof , you are a good person and you have a great idea....

Now considering I did some thinking , I know I should choose myself , but I have a question...... What would any of you prefer , Just a random question

1. LG Motion , Faster , Smaller , $168 at store , But walking with a thick little phone with ICS , when tons of other phones are better , a 3.5 inch screen but you can play top games


2. A big looking phone with sort of Nice UI with the same hotspot , 1 GHz (Not that slow , my admire was FAST for 800 MHz) Half a Gig of RAM (Friend has Samsung Exhibit 2 with almost same specs and it is a great phone) nice screen , nice design at front

Now side comments - I really like ICS , Dont like a 3.5 inch screen alot though , Really like the space of the quattro , Don't like the small feeling and cheap look of the Motion , so what do you choose , ( 1 and get fast but people will most likely annoy you about size (Happened with my admire and I got so pissed about dumb (_@$# I wanted to destroy it! People need facts! Not everyone with a iphone thinking its the fastest thing around!) or 2 (Get a big phone with a nice design but get unnapealing specs

Please Help , My mind is just plain dumb , I know which one is better , which is bigger , but I wish there was a phone in the middle , but there isn't , The connect is the specs , and the size , but not the ICS!

Grrrr Bad Mental Problems (LOL , I do not have mental issues , or do IIIII? Hmmmm I will ask my doctor)

-Mike from Verizon Wireless at Peabody,MA
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