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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
No. Said programs still are needed to provide for the mentally disabled and infirm. Those people lack the physical capabilities to take care of themselves. I feel we, as a society, have an obligation to take care of them. But I would cut a lot of those programs back by a lot.
And what is to become of the people that rely on those programs, whether or not they meet your criteria? Your cuts would almost certainly desert some people that would still qualify should your rules become law. Homelessness and crime would shoot through the roof.

The answer is not to simply slash welfare/unemployment/any other social net, it's expanding the economy and the job market through stimulation and proper regulation of the private sector. The more people with jobs, the less that will require aid.
Originally Posted by cleanmop3 View Post
Yes, but your employer can also be the government, the same government that pays people on welfare.
Plenty of government workers have random drug tests that require no probable cause.
All government workers are union, and have thus approved a contract that allows for drug testing, waiving their applicable rights.
Originally Posted by cleanmop3 View Post
I'm not saying that being poor should grant a drug test. I'm saying people who abuse the system and are clearly doing so (I. E lying about work and/or using it to fuel their drug/shopping addiction) should be drug tested.
Again, probable cause. Look at their finances.
And how do you propose the government goes about acquiring this information? What methods can you suggest that wouldn't be a massive invasion of privacy? Probable cause is needed to access financial records, and being poor, again, is not probable cause.
Originally Posted by cleanmop3 View Post
You'd be surprised at how many people are abusing this flawed system.
Actually, the numbers and your previous post indicate that you're the one surprised how many aren't abusing the system.
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