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Default HTC Evo 4G

Hello, I have a question regarding your boost mobile phone. did you unlock your phone?
I am thinking buy this phone because my oldest boost mobile is broken. I will be going to back to my country end of this year so I want to make sure if this HTC Evo 4g phone would work with gsm network over there. I am not planing to use any gsm network in the USA.. This phone is on Sale these days. if you can respond me asap then I can try decide buying this or not.


Originally Posted by dforristall View Post
I have mine working on a GSM SIM IN Kuwait. The phone was almost new when I came over here. Initially the phone was stock and activated on Boost in the US. Got over here, then did as apache thunder stated and powered down, took out battery, inserted SIM (the salesperson activated the SIM in stock Nokia phone for the region first for me, as I thought my phone might not work) , then replaced battery and booted up. Gave it a few minutes... and everything worked fine. 3G speeds on data, and good call quality.

Note***** After a week or so I was playing with settings etc... and turned on the native ICS/Boost tether option. It dropped all of my data and MMS settings!!!! Since I was outside of the US, could not do an activation to go back to square one, or superuser rights to check settings, I ended up rooting the phone, and using apache thunder's custom rooted ROM, then added the CWM mod, put in the wifi tether mod, and rebuilt all my apps, settings, data etc.. I took me a couple days of playing with it as I still had an issue getting the correct APN settings in for data/MMS. Eventually I found an app called HiAPN that allowed me to switch the APN mode to global when using the DNS test function. ( I was in global mode on the phone settings, but the phone wouldn't take the APNs before doing this) Then everything worked again. Now I am rooted, and much happier anyway. We'll see if it effects function when re-activating in the states...
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