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Originally Posted by papichulo916 View Post
So let me get this straight. Some of you guys complain about how people with iPhones change phones every time a new comes out, yet, you do as well, y'all just got the connect and now trying to switch over to the Motion?

IMO I like this phone too much to switch to the Motion (in my head, it's a downgrade, not upgrade)

Agreed. Theres no way I am going to a smaller screen. I just got my connect a month ago for myself and my girlfriend. We both love the phone. Have had no heating issues and I have gotten 24 hours out of the battery.
The motion while it looks like a great phone for the price doesnt add anything substantial to make me want to upgrade. I had the 3.7 in screen with the admire and the 4 in screen on the connect is way better.

Seriously I am surprised how many people jump ship from a phone they have had for 5 months or less just to get the new shiny eye candy with about the same specs. I only get a new phone if I break mine (like I did with the admire) after at the very least a year or change carriers.

I greatly doubt that peoples experience with the motion will differ much if at all from the connect. I guess some people feel ics and a slight bump on the processor is a big deal.

The connect can be had for new now for $199 from metro. Why the heck are people paying that or close to that for used on ebay???
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