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I don't think you see what I'm getting at. The government supplies money to people who work and people who don't. They're inconsistent with the way they treat both groups.

The government can aquire any of its peoples personal information without the knowledge or permission of the people in question, now, taking action brings us to a whole different point. We all know the government is corrupt and probably prefers its people to depend on it for basic survival.

Welfare recipients are supposed to report any major financial changes, which some dont, thus making the system that less beneficial to the people who really need it.

Let's say you work in a welfare office and a guy who has obvious physical and behavioral clues to his addiction comes in. Let's also say you've reviewed his paperwork and have gathered that he's been using for years and has no intention of cessation.

Let's put you in the scenario again, but with a pregnant mother of 9. Let's say you've reviewed her records, as well, and you discover she's in debt with no intention of working making it painfully obvious to you that she's only having children to live off the government.

Would you feel comfortable granting welfare in either of these scenarios?

I see how many people go to grocery stores on the first of the month, and I see how many are buying the most frivolous things.
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