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If the LG Motion gets root then I will get it most likely , Since I use LCD Density and No Frills CPU Control , so I want root , if not atleast android 4 but

Is there any phone that has a decent screen and specs just to make sure the metro website is correct or something XD

I am currently with my LG Viper with sprint (My friend got me activated for free , He is a clerk there) and I am so tired of it , LAG LAG LAG , and it cant even play a simple angry birds without going crazy and closing it! I cant stand it , Just give it to a friend ..... Anyways

And to answer some person ,
I used to play heavy games like Dead Space or something on the Connect , On the admire most basic games , and on both , Use Phandroid alot for news , appy geek , alot of web ,

Now the admire is a 3.5 inch screen , From a person who has had basic phones , normal "feature phones" Motorola i465 , Samsung Messanger 2 , etc ...

To some slider phones running on a older OS

To some blackberrys (great for music , bad for apps)

To a older androids , like Motorola Backflip

To the iphone 4S *the iphone screen looks great for the iphone but not for android I have no idea why"

To tons and tons of newer androids running 2.3 and foward , of all screens sizes , None smaller than 3.5

I have my samsung admire in my hands (Doesnt work at all!!!!!) and i look at the screen and I am like "DO I HAVE MENTAL PROBLEMS!!!!" Lol , Maybe I am just thinking to much about what others think or what people will say when they see my small motion or big coolpad , or when they will compare it , Lol I do like the have big and fast , like a S3 or a S2 or something but fast/small/HD videos for my youtube
or slower / 3.2 megapixel / bigger

Anyone can make a comparison or a video of a coolpad at a store if they are turned on , my corporate store does not have a working one , nor a model...

But I did apply at a corporate store to be a Clerk and help people there , It says some metro employees get a 50% discount on everything , interesting , Never heard of it but if I get accepted maybe it counts as a half of a motion or something , Waiting today to get a answer about that
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