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Originally Posted by RogerDeanD View Post
I can go to yahoo on web and access e-mail account w/folders/address/ etc. but can't attach! Go to e-mail icon on DROID window and I have set my incoming e-mail to and can't access folders or address but can attach! Not sure if everything is correct. ATT wants me to pay for SUPPORT PLUS to get the corrrect settings. I did set up a and got all my folders, but I don't send e-mail with the "yahoo" domain. I prefer to use "".

I am new to "gmail" so will gradually switch over to my g-mail account. I refuse to pay ATT a monthly fee for internet service and pay again to get e-mail settings for my VERIZON phone. Anyone know how to set up e-mail so I can send an e-mail with " instead of "" like on my PC internet? Sorry for such a long post but ATT SUPPORT charging really 'goes against my grain' to put it in a PG rated post!!

Umm, no..

They don't charge for that kind of information... as posted by someone else it's online at no cost... And they will read you that stuff over the phone.

AT&T Mobility (your cell phone company) will troubleshoot your wireless service at no cost. They will verify your device has data access (can get online) and give you basic support on how to set it up, such as servers and device settings.

Like posted above.

If you make it seem like more than that or the person you spoke too was so "inclined" they would offer you to pay for "Enhanced support" for additional assistance @$3.99 per month added to your insurance. Enhance support would go on your AT&T Mobility bill but would be through your insurance provider, Asurion. AT&T Mobility's only real job is to make sure you have internet access, when it come down to it on this, but they want good text message survey responses

In a nut shell, if all you need is the email settings and a hand hold through it AT&T Mobility will not charge you. Never hurts them to ask though . I'm sure they apologize for any misunderstandings.
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