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A big issue I would like fixed is the LED notification colors.

Originally Posted by work4crown View Post
1. Unlocked bootloader
2. Wifi nag line removed from notifications bar
3. Wifi toggle in with the rest of the toggles; WHERE IT BELONGS!

4. Ability to create shortcuts on the home screen like I used to with my Droid Incredible. I want to make shortcuts to files and folders on my SD card without 3rd party software. I would also like to make shortcuts to settings like the ones I list in #6. (Using Linda manager for now)
5. Capacitive home button. (Well, since we're all dreaming anyway)
6. Ability to customize the notification toggles to add and remove stuff. I don't need Screen Rotation, Power Saving, Airplane mode, Driving Mode up there. But I might like to have toggles for NFC, S Beam, Wi-fi Direct, File Sharing up there. Can I get an Amen to that one?

Originally Posted by Funnyusername View Post
I think the only "wishlist" we should have on our phone is that Samsung and Verizon can push out Jelly Bean to the Galaxy S3 before the year ends. To have Jelly Bean on our phones in 3-4 months would be a very welcomed addition. It would be a step forward in Android fragmentation. I would easily give my phone back for a month or so if they would have launched with Jelly Bean.
Two to three months would be even better, but you know Verizon...IMO it shouldn't even take that long.

Originally Posted by question729 View Post
Put a Wifi toggle on the notification bar, or at least provide a toggle widget that works. Stop the phone from lighting up when a text message comes in.


Originally Posted by treb1797 View Post
AMEN brother work4crown to #3!!! And on the first OTA update Verizon shall up rise up & move the Wi-Fi toggle for all to see & use as it was once before!! That was my southern preacher voice, not bad huh?

What the ****.

Also removed unnecessary spaces. You're welcome.

Originally Posted by ScootD View Post
1) Wifi toggle in the power toggle section of the notification pane like every other S3 asside from vzw version
2) Option to eliminate annoying wifi pop-up reminder

3) Where the "additional apps" so I can download the samsung photo editor, flipbook, etc? It seems there's a samsung apps application where you can download these additional applications on the other versions but not the vzw one. Maybe I missed something but I'm surprised I haven't read more people complaining that this is missing as a few of those additional apps as supposed to be pretty nice (like the photo editor). Ok, so if you go to you can download the Samsung app store and can get the photo and video editor for free from there.
4) Better battery life is always a bonus. I'm lucky if I get from 6AM to midnight and still have 20% battery left. I'm in a good coverage area blanketed with 4G.
5) Some stock non-crappy ringtones and notification tones. I know I can download some but seriously why sell a phone without a ringtone that even resembles a phone. I really didn't want to have to spend time searching, downloading, and transferring a normal sounding ringtone to a PHONE.
6) enable fm radio

These. Would definitely love something to improve the battery life. It's always either Cell Standby or Android System using all of my battery during standby.
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